The Ka' Be zen association is a 1901 association created on July 1, 2015

Its main purpose is well-being through personal development,

in order to acquire balance between body and mind and have a healthier life.

Publication in the Official Journal of 05.09.2015.


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a gentle yoga with slow and deep breathing, this yoga requires little or no muscular engagement because it is focused on connective tissues: ligaments, fascias, cartilages, joints and bones. The majority of the postures are practiced on the ground, holding the postures in immobility for several minutes allows the body to relax very gradually and also naturally stretch the deep tissues.The relaxation of the deep tissues generates a better circulation of energies, which detoxifies the body, also bringing a deep relaxation of the body and the mind through a great emotional discharge. It is a "passive" and deep physical training which allows to amplify the range of movements of the joints but especially yin yoga invites to let go and favors meditation and introspection, it contributes to the acceptance of our limits and confronts us with our discomfort while holding the postures while asking for mental silence and immobility maintained over time. The sessions are given Live or Online by Karine who has completed the Yoga Alliance 50H certified Yin Yoga training given by Cécile Roubaud and Valentina Duna in Geneva (Switzerland). As well as the Yoga Alliance certified and recognized 25 H Yin Yoga training given by Sam Cress in Puerto Vallarta (México).



A simple method accessible to all. It is addressed to schoolchildren and students in the framework of concentration, memorization as well as to sportsmen in order to optimize their performance.

Many companies also offer sophrology sessions to their employees. Older people find a soft and relaxing activity in accordance with their needs. Sophrology is a discipline that allows everyone to develop their personal abilities and improve their daily life. We often look for answers outside of ourselves when the answer to our problems is often within us. Sophrology proposes to acquire but also to maintain self-confidence, physical and mental harmony, a better management of stress and concentration. It favors well being, allows to learn to breathe correctly and to know oneself better. It also improves the quality of sleep by getting rid of negative tensions. Your teacher Karine holds a Master in Sophrology delivered by the Alfonso Caycedo Foundation.


 Tratamientos holísticos

Holistic therapies consider the person as a whole, that is to say on different levels: physical, psychological, existential and spiritual, knowing that these spaces are linked and in perpetual movement. The association offers you support in Holistic care, combining various tools such as Energy Healing, Auratherapy, Quantum Care, Access Bar... thanks to this so-called global approach to health, the accompanier gives you the means to use your full potential and to reach your self-healing autonomously. Contact us for an appointment.

PandoraStar - Deep Transe Meditation Machine

PandoraStar is a hypnagogic lamp created in 2015 in England by Todd Acamesis and Jimi Sampson. It is composed of 12 powerful white leds whose frequencies, flashes and intensity are controlled by a program. The PandoraStar technology acts through a complex symphony of white light. These technologies were designed on the principle of neural stimulation: to increase the plasticity and fluidity of brain circuits, to allow the expression of natural latent faculties. Light enters through the retina (eyelids closed) and stimulates the pineal gland. The pineal gland then triggers an extraordinary and powerful kaleidoscopic experience of colors, psychedelic effects and sacred geometric shapes                                                                      and figures. Contact us for an appointment.



The Association offers all types of meetings, retreats, workshops, conferences, debates, teaching and training days, guided meditations...
A speaker, a subject and above all a sharing always directed towards a single goal our personal development.

If you don't have time to organize your event, do not hesitate to contact us to elaborate your project.