Who I Am?


If there is one thing I have understood in life it is that it is important to take care of oneself. And that it is also a daily journey that requires a lot of attention and investment because we often seek to "Have" instead of to "Be".
It is from this dynamic of Being and from this encounter with myself that the desire to train in various disciplines emerged.
I also understood that although all the knowledge of the world is there at our disposal in many teachings, whether they are based on philosophical principles, ancient traditions, mystical knowledge or sacred books...
Although this is available to us....nothing can replace real experience!
I am convinced that reconnecting to the essence of who we are IS the way to benefit from our full potential and it is in this sense that I continue to learn and that over the years the idea of sharing with my fellow man and also to bring my support to has finally germinated.
Trained in sophrology and Yin Yoga, I offer group or individual sophrology classes for children and adults, adult Yin Yoga sessions, as well as holistic treatments, guided meditations, "Workshop" days on various themes, meetings and debates, and various events and training. Find the events here.
If you lack time to organize your event, please contact me and I will be happy to help you set up your project.


Ka' Ben Zen Association

174 A chemin de l'emboussoir

Résidence en Vallière Apt 1011

01170 Gex

+33 6 52 94 22 55



To think of oneself today as tomorrow is to allow oneself to Be!

Don't worry about the day that didn't come and the day that passed.

To live the present quite simply. Going deep within oneself. Dive into the entire universe until you merge into it Finally surrendering, abandoning one's body, one's mind to the great whole! Connecting with our entire Being in order to unveil our inner strength. And let emerge a great feeling of peace. KD.

Here is a program!